My Marvelous Story; The Selection process of Jenesys 2.0 Program

I knew Jenesys program in 2014. At that time I participated in the selection of the program, but unfortunately I did not qualify because of the limited information that I had. Eventually, I was disappointed when I failed in that program. I was trying to forget the program with a variety of my activities.

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Haram for Me to see Behind

tumblr_inline_n1ago2y7J11qb7t48Being honest, this is very difficult for me to receive this fate. But I have to move on soon. Let me say “Haram for me to see behind!”
See at back of me, it is a darkness. More over,  Backside of me, it means that I will get a gigantic new problem. Yeah I’ve thought about that. So, let it go. Let me breathe out and breathe in new air.

Guys, I failed to get LPDP scholarship.

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America’s Skies

Sebetulnya ini Europe’s Skies judulnya. Tapi karena negara tujuan saya Amerika, ya saya inisiatif ngegantinya. ehehe. Jujur kalo denger lagunya ALexander Rybak yang Europe’s Skies, saya jadi cita-cita saja  yang  ngebet banget pengen ke Amerika. Huhuhu…
Ada 3 lagu inspiratifnya Alexander Rybak. Ada Europe’s Skies, Into a Fantasy, dan Roll with the wind.
Sedangkan lagu-lagu yang lain juga bagus cuma lebih ke romantisme. hehe

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