Indonesian International Student Exchange Program 2012 (IISEP)

Indonesia International House (IIH) proudly presents an amazing exchange program for Indonesian and international students who are interested in learning Indonesian culture and language

Indonesia is the largest islands country in the world with more than 17.000 islands, and it is also the largest ethnicity country with more than 700 ethnicity. From that, we, Indonesia International House would like to introduce the richness of Indonesian culture through exchange program.


IIH invites Indonesian and international students from all over the globe to join this 11 days tour in Java island. The program will be conducted in 3 big cities Jakarta, Bandung and Jogjakarta, and will be divided into 3 batches, September 11-21, October 11-21, and November 11-21, 2012. The participants can choose one of those 3 batches based on their availability to attend the program.

Here are the things that the participants should do in order to attend this awesome program:

1. A CV, a scanned student card, a recommendation letter from the school/ university, and a color recent photograph send to and to with the title “IISEP 2012 Application.”

2. Pay the fee: US$ 650 for international students, and IDR 3,000,000 for Indonesian students (For international students, the fee doesnt cover the travel expenses from and to participants’ country)

3. The fee covers all the expenses during the program (11 days) such as accommodation in 3 cities, meals, transportation during the program, conference, and cultural-related events ( Indonesian language course, sites visit in 3 cities, sightseeing).

4. Only short-listed candidates will be notified via email soon. So, let’s join this awesome program. You will experience and learn Indonesian culture, make friends around the globe, networking, and others unforgettable experiences.

If you have tons of questions, feel free to ask me Nanak (Program Communication Officer IISEP 2012) on;

FB: Nanak van Persie


Phone: +62852 2304 8549

Skype: great.persie

Twitter: @greatpersie

Visit our Facebook fan page at

Web: still under-construction, will be launched soon.

Come on guys join this awesome exchange program. Learn the richness of Indonesian culture and be make friends with great people around the globe :)

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