Reaching My Dreams


Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar… This morning I am feeling so good. I’m so fresh and spirit to do activities today.

This is my first time to write in English. You must know that start from 2013, I will write in English. Hmmm this’s not mean that I mastered English very well. My writing still isn’t good. My grammer is bad. I Admit it 😀 so, I must practice my writing. If there are many mistakes and any error, please forgive me. Please give critical. It’s soud nice ^_^

But may be if I write in English, my writing will be short. Hehe. Hmmm I think that is my challenge, and I must passed it. I believe I can do it.

Insya Allah I will be consistent to write in English, because I am very eager continue my study at higer level; S2 and S3 go to ABROAD 🙂 Aamiin yaa Rabb. I must get scor TOEFL ITP minimal 575 or equal 6.5 at IELST. I believe I can get it. I BELIEVE BECAUSE I HAVE ALLAH SWT.

My Main Resolution 2013; Bismillah I will reach these dreams :-)

My Main Resolution 2013; Bismillah I will reach these dreams 🙂

Well, tarra…this is my main resolution on 2013. Yeah, this’s main, because there are more 100 dreams as follower. At the picture, I’m focus to finish my final task 😀 This’s so difficult for me because if I finish this project, that’s mean I will be graduating soon 😀 :-D,  that’s hard for me because I will be free from student status. That’s mean I can’t join many competitions again for student of S1 😀

Now I must be focus on final task. It’s hard too because I must end my activities to join competition 😀 Oh my god, this’s challenge for me. So many competition informations I see, but I can’t join anything. So sad 😦 But this’s my true choise. I must do that for reach my other dreams; Go to abroad to continue my study. I believe I can. I can do it!!!!!!

BISMILLAHIRRAHMANIRRAHIM…Give me your  full barakah, ya Rabb 🙂

10 pemikiran pada “Reaching My Dreams

  1. Subhanallah
    you’ve motivate me to reach all my dreams to come true.

    but, i recommend you to learn GIMP, because it was OPEN SOURCE software beside PHOTOSHOP, the PROPRIETARY software. to minimalize using pirated aplications. you cant find it here , , .
    and learn INKSCAPE beside COREL DRAW, you can find it here ,

    you maybe continue using proprietary software if you use the legal aplications.

    just edit and correct my english!

    • Thanks for comment here…
      Also Thanks for your recommendation to learn GIMP and INKScape. I will try it!

      Sorry, Your comment: “you’ve motivate me to reach all my dreams to come true.”
      SHould: you’ve motivated me…”

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