2013, Kemana Ku Kan Melalang Buana Lagi?

Man Jadda Wajada

Man Jadda Wajada

Alhamdulillah last year I had some interesting journeys. I really enjoy it 😉

After I invited some blogs of my friends, I got any spirite from there. Start story from Jerman country, next Belanda, Jepang, and Prancis. From those stories, I know to get what their dream is it very hard and difficult. Just believe, and study hard. Always applied MAN JADDA WAJADA, they believe their dream will come true 🙂 and tarrra…Reached it!

Now on february 2013, I still find true ways (Finding jati diri 😀 ), A lot of wisdom in my life. That make me to have big love to my god, ALLAH SWT.

Hmmm, I know until now I don’t graduate yet. But that not mean I feel “galau”, it’s mean I must be strong. I must gradute soon, insya Allah.

Yeah, in this last semester, I will be focus at my final task (Skripsi), but that not mean I will stop the others. I will do my activities which support my targets. But, any activities I stop, such as teaching math in private class, etc.

Well, back to the little of this writing 😀 2013, Where will I go? Where am I going to? Ahaaa, I don’t know 😀 If 2012, I did so many journeys at many places in Indonesia. I hope I do that again now but at different places. Moreover, I really like to go far and so far. I want to go to Abroad. So miss you, my dream country; Amrik 🙂 If not Amrik, yeah doesn’t matter if the others. Maybe Malaysia (insya Allah I still try), or Belanda, or Jepang, and others.

Would ALLAH grante my request? Where will I go for the next journey? Hmmm I just doing my best, and I hope ALLAH hear my pray at every time. Aamiin…

Like my new name; “Puji Must Be Better” on first Facebook, I hope I can do the best. I hope I can be better person at ALLAH’s eyes. Aamiin, and on my Second facebook “Jhie Al-Khawarizmi” hehehe…That’s pray for me too. Now, my full name is “Najmi Qalmi Al-Khawarizmi”. Btw, do you know the meaning of my name? Najmi from najm. Najm is star. Then Qalmi from Qalm. The meaning is writing pen/pen. Next Al-Khawarizmi. Hmmm, I don’t know the meaning, but I use that name because Al-Khawarizmi is Scientist of mathematics in ISLAM. So, the full meaning of my new name is Star of pen and scientist of mathematics in ISLAM. I hope I can be a scientist of mathematics who also have many writing, many the real creations which useful for ISLAM. I want to do the religious proselytizing (Berdakwah) in mathematics and writing. I believe I can do that, although it’s not easy to reach it. But I will study hard to get it. Insya Allah, he would grante it. Aamiin…


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