Alhamdulillah Many Articles Have Published!

My Shirt

My Shirt

I Just wanna said that “Alhamdulillah since I have been reporting at Media Tadulako, I have so many articles or news now. Yeah since last year, I was a reporter at Media Tadulako newspaper. And I’am so happy there because I have the great team. They are very kind, friendly, and tidak sombong :-D

I felt so lucky when I joined in this part time job, because I have so many information about big events, the scholarship promotion, etc. Start from this, I also got new friends from other places. Cool! :-)

I hope someday I can be a good writer. Someday I can be a famous writer. The best, insya Allah…
Ehhmmm, really really want to be like Ahmad Fuadi or Andrea Hirata or Asma Nadia. Insya Allah someday I have a masterpiece. Aamiin yaa Rabb…
Insya Allah soon \^_^/ ;-) :-) :-)

Beside that, alhamdulillah too, this blog have so many visitors. When I saw the graphic/statistic, more 400 readers have visited per day. Subhanallah, amazing! 🙂 Then, I also have many friends of blog from other cities. It’s sound good when I can meet them in real time. Insya Allah… someday and somewhere…

I remembered head of this blog; “Terinspirasi dan Menginspirasi. Manusia boleh jadi mati meninggalkan dunia Ini. Tapi “KARYA”nya akan terus Hidup selama itu bermanfaat untuk orang lain. Mari Berkarya!! Tulislah Apa yang Dipikirkan, Jangan Pikirkan Apa yang akan Ditulis”

Yeah, just writing and more writing. Maybe this writing can be useful for my childreen and, my cicit 😀 SOmeday when I am dead…

And for you, readers…
I hope this writing can give inspiration and spirit for you. Of course, you can share all about from this, but remember that you must write the source…
Ok matur nuwun, matur suwun for aLL 🙂

Mari berceloteh :)

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