Do More, Write More

550px-Write-a-Diary-Every-Day-for-a-Year-and-Make-It-Interesting-Step-3One of my activies that I have forgotten is writing on my diary. Hmmm so long time not open it. So long time not write on it because I was so busy. Whereas, I have promised to Mr. Ahmad Fuadi while I was meeting him last year in Aceh, I promised to write on diary everyday. Bang Fuadi said that his novel (Negeri 5 Menara, and ranah 3 warna) came from his real experience that he wrote down.

Now, after I read his novel; Rantau 1 Muara, I remembered to his advice to me. But, so far I seldom write down on diary. I just write on blog. And you known, friend 🙂 Writing on diary not same with writing on blog. Why? Diary is more private, we can write everything, whereas writing on blog, hmmm no 🙂 I think I just share information which useful for public. hehe…

Oke, from now I will write on the both, diary and blog. Just need consistance for my future if one day  I wanna publish a novel like Bang Fuadi. It is sound so nice 🙂 😉 Insya Allah I can do that. Aamiin.
every person possessed their own life stories, Everybody has different story with the others. Not same at all. and I think that everybody has unique and awesome life story. Just believe that ALLAH SWT will give the best in everything for our life. So, do more, write more. Everything we do just because of ALLAH SWT.

Mantra in the book “rantau satu muara”; Man saara ala darbi washala : Siapa yang berjalan di jalan-Nya, akan sampai tujuan”. In english is “Anyone who walks in the path of God, will reach destination”. 🙂 It is sound so nice. I like it 🙂
What way that I will pass? What way that I choose? Where is my final destination?
Ehmmm… That is just me who know. What We’re growing, so we are going to achieve the results.
Just believe THAT WE CAN REACH it. Dream, pray and reach it!


2 thoughts on “Do More, Write More

  1. Super skalii Ka,, Sy Jadi Semangat Nulis, Sy Suka menulis sejak SD, tapi skrg sda jarang menulis krna sibuk dgn Kerjaan, tapi saya Jga Punya Mimpi Seperti Kaka, Saya Bermimpi Jadi Penulis Best Seller (heheheh) Saya Jdi Semangat Menulis lagi. Trimakassih Ka ^_^ Saya Mnta Tips-tips’y dong biar tetap jdi Pembelajar Super yg Ngk Pernah Khabisan Ide, Kreatif 🙂

Mari berceloteh :)

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