Finally I have thiz ^_~


I have atlas, but it is not big. Hmm… and it is just on the book. so I took initiative to buy a BIG map yesterday, and I put it on the wall. The size is 100cm x 75 cm… Cihuyyy amazing! Subhanallah…

Since a few years ago I wanted to have a BIG map. And Alhamdulillah it is coming true. Dahsyatttt so I added zest to conquer the world. Beginning to conquer the world in a way to know in advance through the map.

I crossed several places where I have visited, such as Singapore, malaysia, and thailand. Also several places in indonesia; poso, makassar, gorontalo, bali, mataram, ambon, ternate, yogyakarta, jakarta, surabaya, balikpapan, bandung, semarang, padang, aceh, and medan. Alhamdulillah So many places. Of course everyplace has special story. Unforgettable experience deh 😉

Hmmm… What place I will visit? I wanna try different continent, such as America, europe, arab, and Africa…
Aamiin ya rabb.. the next I hope I can visit Amerika. Aamiin 🙂

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Mari berceloteh :)

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