London Oh London


I have been staying about 5 days in London. So many experiences I get from here. Nice and good experience I have 🙂

I can not tell you completely now about my journey in London because I am still busy and feeling tired in the night 🙂

I am very recommend you to see the world. Walking away. Lay off your study/work and have fun, doing backpack. Backpack ala yourself.

Sister Ersa said to me that we must go to abroad, see the world.
Someone who doing that, she/he will not be lower Indonesia. She/he will be feeling that “Hmm Indonesia is the best”. It is heaven for us. We will be miss our food, our last life, etc. And sometimes it is hard to forget them >_<

So for my friends, I hope you go to abroad soon. You must go away so far you want. I think it is so important for us to get morr experience, learning, and wisdom.

#London, 13rd November 2013. @Wisma Taman Merdeka.
Begitu nikmat nulis di blog di London. Alhamdulillah mimpi2ku tercoret lagi.
so what the next? Ahaaa…

Mari berceloteh :)

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