My second video

This is my second video. I used this video for training of writing. I made it because I served it for elementary school students in Palu. I was happy because I was invited by junior high school (SMP-IT Al-Fahmi Palu)’s head. This is my first experience to be trainer in external campus 😀 Alhamdulillah Although my atraction just for elementary school. It’s no problem because this can be a milestone in my life…

When I attended in training place. There were about 60 students who attended in training. I was surprise when moderator called my name and describe about me. “We present Pujiati Sari, A youngest writer, reseacher, and motivator in Palu, and bla bla bla…” said moderator.
Hmmm I think that is affluent. Agung as moderator make it so alay for my describe. Because I am not extraordinary person as like as his said. I am still reach it. But I think it is a dua for my goals future. I hope it is come true. Help me my god… Bless my life…

After I was invited as trainer on January 18 2014. Insya Allah on febuary 8 2014 I will be invited to be a jury for writing competition. I am with 2 juries others will review student’s presentation. Alhamdulillah I was given a trust to handle it…

This is my video:

All of participants give applause to me while video was running. I think all of students got inspiration from it. Video is better than teory of writing. After training, they added my facebook. Some of them said to me on facebook, “Sister Puji, I want to be like you who can fly to abroad”, “Sister Puji, I want to be like you, so I will join writing competition”.
Alhamdulillah, and I think they had hypno by my video.

Alhamdulillah yaa rabb…
May they can reach their goals. Alhamdulillah if I can be their inspiration. I hope this is can be my dakwah way. Aamiin I always need your blessing…

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