Berbagi Inspirasi @WoW

2014-02-15 15.24.34Yesterday, on february 14th 2014, most of people celebrated Valentine’s day. They shared chocolate and flower. Huft :-/ But not for us, @WoW or Workshop of Writing, at MIPA Untad, we shared experinces, knowledge, and inspiration 🙂 🙂 I was happy yesterday because I could present about PKM-GT. I told about my experience when I joined that event for 4 years. I was the first speaker, opening speaker.

The meeting was very interesting. About 40 participants have been joining WoW event on february 14-16 2014. First day told about PKM-GT.  The second day is about paper and essay (By Satrio Amrullah & Nurtria R.). The last day is about Short story and make Curriculum Vitae (By Muliati Supandi & Andi Rizky Hardiansyah). All of them are student of Tadulako University.

When I heard all of my friends and participant’s conversation, I got information that they like the first meeting ;-). They enjoy it. They got many inspirations about ideas for PKM-GT. I made the meeting so amazing :-p

At the moment, so many ideas that they shared in front of podium. Hmmm ideas about train for Sulawesi Island, Monopoli game (content about Central Sulawesi’s Culture), modern forest in Palu, purify of mineral salt for drinking water, and comic of Kailiness. Oh yeahhh I heard the best ideal from Group 7. Zaid presented about “Pembuatan alat awan panas dan awan dingin”. When he told about his idea, I think so wow, amazing, and make me angered. I had Many questions for him, and I asked to him to answer. That situation remembered me to PIMNAS event. Remembering when Jury gave some questions 😀

When Zaid told about his idea, all of participants well heard it. They was interesting! They gave applause and laugh loudly 😀 Zaid told that he could make that tool. That tool as controller. It resulted hot and cold clouds 🙂 Interesting! 😉 😉 When we felt hot, we can set cold cloud, so we will feel cold. WHen we felt cold, we can set hot cloud. The tool can be brought in wherever and whenever because its height just about 20 cms.

It is remember me that when raining, we can set stop raining for myself area. Hihihi I dont know that his idea can work for it or not.

I just gave sugestion to him that his idea must be inputed in PKM-GT. I believe that jury in PKM will be love that idea. Insya Allah will get insentive or Pimnas.

Hmmm May WoW can useful for them. this event organized by AnakUntad community. We believe that student as speaker is more better than lecturer, because student can be a model for others. May be we will  ask and give motivation for uourself; “If he/she can, why I can not?” “We are same. We are student, so I think I can be like his/her”
May Allah bless all of our activities. Aamiin

3 respons untuk ‘Berbagi Inspirasi @WoW

  1. Wew it would be uncountable value of experience and unforgetable experience to be speaker in front of great audience. Keep spirit to write our mind for better indonesia!

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