My TOEFL Classes

Since 3 week, I have been studying TOEFL in UPT Bahasa Tadulako University. I have been joining in two TOEFL classes. First, in Bidikmisi class, and second in the final semester student class. Classes joined by me were very interesting.  My insight was increase. I got new knowledge and new friends.

While I am writing on this blog, actually I am practicing grammar that I got before. But I do not know how work is it 😀 may be I make any mistake, but I do not know where mistake was happen. I just try. I just writing, writing, and writing more. I do not care about the mistake. BUT, you, readers, can give me advise for my writing. So, sometime I can do more better 🙂

Alhamdulillah, I can join FREE toefl classes. Yeahhhh they are free guys 😉 I can’t imagine how much I pay if they are not free? ckckck make me more poor -_- so, I have been saying “thank” to Allah who have made be easier for me to reach my goals. I wish I could reach 600 in TOEFL. Aamiin 😀 Even it is so difficult for me, but I am optimist that I can get it. According Mr. Syahril, he said that TOEFL is habit. Yeah i think so. Just make practice, in shaa Allah I can get it 😉 😉

Last one, I am happy in TOEFL classes because I can get new life teachers who can give inspiration to me. Such as Mr. Habir, and Mr. Syahril. Also Mr. Budi, Mr.Nadrun, etc.

For all of my fucking friends, thanks you so much for your motivation, for your spirit. In shaa Allah we can reach our dream lands…

-9th Ramadhan-
@sister’s home, BTN Roviga
in Fajr time…

Semangat pagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Chayooooooo Ji, Nothing impossible for you 🙂 🙂 🙂

4 pemikiran pada “My TOEFL Classes

  1. for ur opening, i think u need more specific time expression, u might be used “since 3 week ago” or, “for the past 3 week”
    that’s for explanation about the duration when we want to use present perfect continuous

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