Hurried, Puji!

I did communication with Mba Titi (consultant from swedia) via whats app last night. First, I just asked her, “Could me apply study S2 just use a graduating letter?”. A few hours later, she answered my WA, “Yes. Puji, are you ready to apply in the end of this year?” said Mba Titi.

Hmmm, I am confused. Actually I’m not ready because I can not pass yet minimum standard of TOEFL. But, just optimistic, and I will try that 4 months later I can. So I answered, “In shaa Allah, I am ready”.

After that, Mba Titi explained that January 15th is deadline of register in website, and end of january is deadline of submit hardcopy to university. She also asked me that we must meet up either on november or december. If she visit Indonesia, I will meet up 🙂

Hmmmm Swedia – Palu. distance is no block our communication. Although we are in different place, but alhamdulillah so far our communication is good 🙂
Actually until now I am still hesitate deciding what country for my next study. Swedia, Inggris, or Amerika? Hmmm all of them are excellent! I am also hesitate what swedia is the best place for me? Hufttt…
I will try, and let Allah decide where it is. I just ikhtiar. and in shaa Allah, Allah will give the best for me. Aamiin.

WHen i was communicating with Mba Titi, I felt more spirit. I will try to finish my final task (read: my skripsweet). In shaa Allah on the end of august I will graduate.

Mba Titi, if Swedia is my “jodoh”. Wait me there. I will go there.
If Swedia is my the best place, I believe that Allah will give a easier way for me to reach it.

Oh iya, last night I also got good news. My sister, Ka cic will help me. She will lend me money for my goals. Such as for taking TOEFL iBT, and register fee for apply scholarship. Alhamdulillah ya rabb, there is a way for me.

Oh that’s all my story today. Alhamdulillah we are now on ramadhan 27th. Left few days we will ied. Enjoying our last ramadhan!


Mari berceloteh :)

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