IELTS (Stess) Mode On

I was getting stress when I focused in IELTS. Little bit T.T What else I am in SKRIPSHIT mode on. huhuhuhu crying hard. Since I made a deciding that I must focus to IELTS (*advice from Mba Titi-Sweden), I strive to study hard on IELTS. I started turn off my sosmed aplications (exp WA, email, and blog :D) in my mobile phone, and I changed them. In fact I deleted them (*Huhu actually so sad). Then I install UK Radio online, and UK newspaper online. I strive to study from them everyday, minimum an hour. Getting stress when I saw so many unfamiliar vocabularies. Huhuhu hikss. BUT 🙂 ahaaa do not called me Puji if I am easy to give up. I will attempt, doing the best for my goal, Go Abroad 2015. I believe that “practice makes perfect”. Everyone come from zero to be hero. I will practice, practice and practice, nothing else.

I will write in english, read any news, listen to the radio, and english music (hehe you know that I am a directioner 😉 so I think that you know who my favourite singer is). In crazy way, I attempt to speak to everything in my house. Including I speak up to my towel, my book, my laptop, etc lol. This is Mas Ulza’s advice.

Far from those ways, When I bored, I sent email to Mas Ulza, one of my life teachers 🙂
Palu – Rusia, it did not matter. So far I searched any spirit, but honestly I am really need his advice for my bad english. I will share it in later post. I wish that it can usefull for you too, my friends 🙂

Mari berceloteh :)

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