Arghhhhhhhhhhh… Alhamdulillah I’ll graduate ^_*

Hai Guys, long time no see you. How do you do? I am doing very well now. Alhamdulillah. I’m saying alhamdulillah for everything to Allah SWT. Any good news this week is I will exam of skripsi on October 9th 2014. I wish that Allah will give easy way to my activities. second one good news is I am going to Pare on October 12th 2014. Actually, this is hard for me to choose the best one for my future. I’m confused when choosing either set off to pare of keep stay in Palu to fisnish my graduate day (Wisuda). But, I had chosen that I am going to Pare. It is fix. I do not have much time, poor me -_- I just have 3 months to study IELTS. I think that it is short time to get high score.

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I and my dreams

My name is Pujiati Sari. Puji for short. I am student of mathematics education at Tadulako University, Palu. I was born in Jakarta, November 2nd 1990. I and my family transmigrated from Jakarta to Palu 17 years ago . Palu is city of Central Sulawesi. I think that Palu is one of the biggest cities in Celebes. I do thank to Allah SWT because I can be continuing my education here. Life in Palu is cheaper than in Jakarta. I do not know what happen to my life if I still live in Jakarta. I think that if I still live in Jakarta, I can not continue my study to the higher level. For example, my cousins  in Jakarta can not continue their study. They just graduated from junior high school. Therefore, I wish that I can continue my study to the higher level. I want to be a researcher and professor in mathematics :-D.

Honestly, I am an ordinary person, but I felt extraordinary because of my dreams. The dreams that make me to be an extraordinary person, and I believe that sometime I can be a success woman. Although I am come from a simple family – poor, but it will not make me weak and give up. I felt rich because of my dreams. I believe that life is not about what I am, but life is what I am trying. Dream and reach it!

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My Third Video

I’ve made this video for my young brothers n’ sisters in NEO-LDKPM XII event at HIMAPTIKA Untad. Actually, this is the third video that I made.This video aims to give motivation, no for show off. I hope it can give spirit for you too. Keep fight for us to reach our dreams.

SemangkA guys 🙂 🙂 🙂
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Fokus… fokus

Sudah bukan saatnya mikirin ide PKM atau lomba2 lagi (*time to pensiun), tapi saatnya mulai mikirin proposal thesis, ngemis2 surat rekomendasi S2 ke dosen, translate2 berkas, bikin CV dan motivation letter yang cetar….
# Semoga bisa ya, dan tidak tergoda dgn yg lainnya…
Fokus. Fokus…

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