I and my dreams

My name is Pujiati Sari. Puji for short. I am student of mathematics education at Tadulako University, Palu. I was born in Jakarta, November 2nd 1990. I and my family transmigrated from Jakarta to Palu 17 years ago . Palu is city of Central Sulawesi. I think that Palu is one of the biggest cities in Celebes. I do thank to Allah SWT because I can be continuing my education here. Life in Palu is cheaper than in Jakarta. I do not know what happen to my life if I still live in Jakarta. I think that if I still live in Jakarta, I can not continue my study to the higher level. For example, my cousins  in Jakarta can not continue their study. They just graduated from junior high school. Therefore, I wish that I can continue my study to the higher level. I want to be a researcher and professor in mathematics :-D.

Honestly, I am an ordinary person, but I felt extraordinary because of my dreams. The dreams that make me to be an extraordinary person, and I believe that sometime I can be a success woman. Although I am come from a simple family – poor, but it will not make me weak and give up. I felt rich because of my dreams. I believe that life is not about what I am, but life is what I am trying. Dream and reach it!

Hey, allow me to tell my dreams. One of my the biggest dreams is I can continue my master degree in America or Europe. Since I was junior high school, I am eager to study abroad. Therefore I have been reading the scholarship newsletter and the stories of scholarship hunters on internet. I really like their stories. It make me more spirit to reach my dreams.

To reach my dream, I have been striving to fill the requirements. I have kept my IPK > 3.00, be an active student in organization and competition. Last but not least is English skills. My English is not good. I must study hard to reach overall 6.5 in IELTS (*Could I, Sir?)

Actually, I had studied TOEFL ITP at Tadulako University for 2 years. The courses followed were free. But unfortunately, I never got > 500 in TOEFL ITP. The scores that I got were 420, 450, and 470. I had taken the last test on August 2012. My two big problems in TOEFL test are I could not manage my time to finish the test, and the minimum vocabulary that I had. But, insya Allah, On September 27th 2014, I will take test TOEFL ITP again. It is free. I wish that I can reach 500. Aamiin.

When I had read people’s stories about their study experience in English Village, Pare it made me to be a stronger woman. I believe that I can be like them. I will follow their ways to reach my dreams. I am going to there. It is one of my the biggest dreams too, and it must come true. I have dreamt it since 2012. Therefore I have been saving my money for 2 years, so that I can go there and take IELTS test. Honestly, it is so expensive, but If I re-think that it cheap. Why is it cheap? Because I think that my dreams is my wealth. My first financial capital will come back if I can get a scholarship. Beside that, I think that a big dream must be reached with big effort too. I believe that nothing dream is so high, but sometimes we can not do the big effort to reach our dream. So, do the best for our dreams. Keep fight for us, man jadda wajada! Pray for me, guys

Mari berceloteh :)

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