Still at same Topic :)

I have stayed in Pare for 1.5 months. It is a long time -_- I can not believe that. I guess that I just stay 2 weeks 😀
Actually I have so many awesome stories in Pare, but uhuhuhu I can not tell you about all of them now because I’m still busy. I promise that I will tell you later ;).

Today, I have 2 things, bad and good thing. The good one is Alhamdulillah now I can study in English Studio course. The system of learning is very interesting. I get so many new friends. Moreover, the most important is I get more new spirit. I believe, sure, I can! I can get band score minimum 7  in future 😀
Oh iya… the first time in reading skill, alhamdulillah I get 26 of the true answer. Although it is just prediction, but I am very happy, and it make me become more curious to IELTS.

For bad news, I am so sad because my friend had left me. She come back to her village, Kuningan 😦
Before she went, she record my video. It is make us cry. I think she is the best friend one.

Back to about IELST. Despite IELTS make me cruel -_- but I do not know why it is make me more curious and challenging. I really like it.

Ok, enough. I will tell you later…

Satu pemikiran pada “Still at same Topic :)

  1. subuh jumat,,berawal dari keisengan browsing2 seputar buku+tips mnulis lalu akhirnya terdampar di blog ini….
    wow,,awesome!!blognya kereen bgt^_^
    sangat,,sangatt menginspirasi sayaa:)
    tiba2 sy jd sangat bersemangat,,Thanks a lot!!
    salam kenal kak;)

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