What are you thinking of?

😦 😦 😦
I do not want to come back to my home town. It’s hard for me to leave Pare. There are so many unforgettable experiences here 😦 How come I am able to leave this beloved countryside.
Honestly, Pare itu bikin ngangeninnnnnn 😦
but I have to go.
I will go,…
Please let me go, too…
But yaa, it is so hard to leave you, all…

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Sesuatu yang Complicated

I was so distrassed while my mother was saying something to me by telephone. Oh my god, my mother “mewanti-wanti” or had warned me to something. I assumed that It was very complicated for my future. I can’t imagine that my mother said like that.

“Ya rabb, mudahkan lah aku menaklukan hati ibu. Izinkan aku tuk meyakininya. Aku yakin bahwa aku bisa bertanggung jawab dengan pilihanku”

@Mr.Einstein, Girl Camp
1.00 AM waktu Pare