Man shabara zhafira…

I felt so dizzy  24/7 this week. Many problems that I faced this year. Astagfirullah maybe I have so many sins, so my god make difficult all of my life ways. Or perhaps this is a testing from Allah, as a result, I will be better.

Today, I gave a testimony about PKM-PIMNAS in front of students of Tadulako University. At that time, I gave motivation to them. Heyyyyyyyyyyy you know, actually I had bad mood. How come I give motivation to them whereas I felt bad mood because the problems that I faced.

I just was thingking; OMG, maybe this is the right choise from Allah. I’m just anxious to know, what is Allah’s plan behind this destiny?!

#Allah dulu, Allah lagi, dan Allah terus…
Bismillah, man shabara zhafira!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Man shabara zhafira…

Mari berceloteh :)

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