My Marvelous Story; The Selection process of Jenesys 2.0 Program

I knew Jenesys program in 2014. At that time I participated in the selection of the program, but unfortunately I did not qualify because of the limited information that I had. Eventually, I was disappointed when I failed in that program. I was trying to forget the program with a variety of my activities.

When surfing the internet, I am so happy that the program Jenesys reopened in 2015. Thanks to Agus Yusup (Alumnus Jenesys Batch 1 2015) who had shared that information. Hmm… I also ventured to sign up because a few days ago has been motivated by my friends who are alumni Jenesys program. They are Fahrozi and Izza Nazila (alumni of Jenesys 2012). Big thank also to them because they recount experiences and tips in order to qualify for the program.

Listening the stories directly from them, I felt well to go adventuring with them. Starting from a general insight about jenesys itself. They told that Jenesys is an abbreviation of Japan-East Asia Networks of Exchange for Students and Youths. The program has existed since 2007 who was initiated by Shinzo Abe.

Listening to the story of my friends, I conclude that many benefits are gained in the program Jenesys. Firstly, Jenesys could be a medium of learning about international world. Participants will learn the relationship between ASEAN countries. Secondly, participants will learn about the technology and advanced innovations available in Japan. Thirdly, participants will be involved directly with the life, culture and behavior of the Japanese people. In addition, the benefit of both countries that can strengthen the relationship between countries.

The most interesting story that when Fahrozi, my friend told me that they observed Japanese students did research about “drink the juice from the fruit without destroying the outer skin”. I reveal that It is very interesting for me. He also talked about the sophistication of toilets in Japan. More over, A lot of knowledge and experience that participants gained from Japan, they will realize that they must share knowledge and experience to someone else. They return to make a difference and usefulness through an action plan in their respective areas.

I am eager to visit Japan because of all about Japan. I want to describe completely about that. OK let me tell you. We know that amazing slogan which was uttered by Sukarno namely “you should never forget history” or “JAS MERAH”. This motto reminds me that history is part of human civilization. Given the history, humans can learn from experience and strive to be able to move on and move up.

Japan was a country that once had a dark history during World War II, namely the destruction of the city of Nagasaki and Hiroshima due to a nuclear atom bomb attack from America on 6th and 9th August 1945.

At the moment, Indonesia would be pleased with independence, instead of Japan had gigantic bad experience. A total of 200,000 people who died from the fall of the bomb “Little Boy” and “fat boy”. In addition, agriculture and all of the infrastructures destroyed.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb was wounded Japanese people, but after that problem, Japan rises as an economic giant and now it has become a Hiroshima city as a world-class city in just over 20 years since its demise. In my opinion, Indonesia needs to learn a lot from Japan. Indonesia has been independent when Japan fell, but Indonesia still lags far. Indonesia needs to learn about how to deal with disasters and conflicts locally, nationally, and internationally.

When I read jenesys 2.0 program, I found that Jenesys could be my way to learn more about japan especially about peace building. I wanted to visit the Hiroshima peace memorial museum in japan to learn directly history during world war II. Besides, coming directly to japan, and interacting with japanese are the best way for better understanding about and raise awareness technology, life values, culture, tolerance, and diversity. I want to know how they consistent to keep the tradition or the values of kindness for generations.

I need conflict and disaster management, because I live in Palu. My hometown, Palu – Central Sulawesi, is a conflict-prone region. For example, people in the district of Poso in Palu had conflicted in religion problem in 2000. People said that Poso had many terrorist and they had bombed some areas in Palu. This is a long conflict and bring trauma to the community, especially to children. According to Frida, from initial research results WVI in Palu and Poso in 2009, she found that the understanding of ethnic and religious differences that exist in the society is still weak. In Palu, 35 percent of children claim not to be friends with people of different religions, whereas in Poso, 10.8 percent of children do not want to be friends. This is a result of the violence and conflicts that have occurred in this area. It is very dangerous if it is not solved.

I am a mathematics and english private teacher,and social worker. I am currently involved in volunteering activities along with institution LN of Indonesia, where we are fostering orphans from various districts including Poso, to learn English. I also teach math privately and recite to some students‘ home. Besides, before I and friends also got involved in Game project containing culture and Palu. Then, sometimes I become a guest speaker in some events to share my knowledge, experience, and motivation to others. Eventually, following Jenesys program, I hope that I can gain insights into the management of conflict and disaster, and I hope I can implement in my area in the future.

For me, the teacher is one of the agents of peace, and I want to be like that. I as a teacher need to actively promote the values ​​of citizenship, peace and diversity. Therefore, the mission of the teacher to prepare the future generation in charge. I wish that people in my town become gold generation who love peace and they can live in harmony in diversity, so that the dreams of Indonesia as a developed country in the world can be realized.

I was happy on november 3rd 2015. Alhamdulillah I got a special gift from KEMENPORA because I am selected as one of seven final delegates of JENESYS 2.0 who will go to Japan on 6th – 15th December 2015. Actually this is Jenesys batch 2 in 2015. We are going to visit Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki with theme “Peace Building”, remembering “World war II”.

You know before I do not believe that I am elected by committee.Nevertheless, this program was opened in 2 days, but OMG… 2300 youths applied this program; most participants’re from Java, 21 from Maluku and Ambon, 22 from NTB and NTT, and 118 from Sulawesi. In addition, after we were selected in administration phase. There were 18 participants who would be interviewed. interviewed us by Skype about 15 minutes in full english. At that time, I felt that was not usual interview but I felt like SKRIPSI exam because the interviewer gave me some critically detail questions. Hmmm…alhamdulillah I could answer although I felt that I did not give appropriate answer. Finally, tarraaaa…Alhamdulillah I got this.

The Jenesys final delegates (randomly), they are:
1) Pujiati Sari (Palu, Cental Sulawesi)
2) Agus Burniat (Palembang)
3) Juliana Eka Putri (Bandung)
4) Ranap Sidabutar (asal medan tapi delegasi Jakarta)
5) Rezza Brammadita (Jakarta)
6) Ivan Hartono (Jawa Tengah)
7) Mukhlis Said (Jawa Timur)

Dear friends, actually…this story is not for show off, but I hope that you can get some information and inspiration from my story. From this, I conclude some tips for you. Firstly, “if you fail, please do not bore to try again because you can learn from bad experience. Always remember that “effort never betray result”. Secondly, everyone has same opportunity! Although we live far from big city like Jakarta, etc, but believe in yourself. Have faith in your abilities because your success depends mainly upon what you think of yourself and whether you believe in yourself. Prove that you can defeat something that you struggling.

Best regards,
Puji, from Palu.

5 thoughts on “My Marvelous Story; The Selection process of Jenesys 2.0 Program

  1. Assalamualaikum mb Puji, salam kenal saya Meri dari Jogja… Ceritanya bagus mbk sangat menginspirasi. Semoga suatu hari nanti saya bisa seperti mbk Puji. Sukses mbk buat perjalanannya ke Jepang. Ditunggu cerita selanjutnya. 🙂

  2. Sangat menginspirasi mba puji ^^
    Jarang orang yang bisa melihat kekurangan dan kelebihan secara bersamaan
    FYI, saya termasuk peserta gagal seleksi JENESYS building peace theme
    Ditunggu cerita selanjutnya mengenai keseruan JENESYS ya Mba ^^
    Persiapan buat pendaftaran selanjutnya

  3. toilet…?
    Yes…I was amazed…with their cleanliness…and high-tech things
    but that was only for a few second, before I realised
    “gw ceboknya gimaneeee???”

    Yahsudlah..jangan lupa bawa tisu basah kemana-mana

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