New year – 2017, in Yogyakarta

I was over the moon when I could spend my last day in 2016 with my IELTS’ friends in Sapen, Yogyakarta. Actually, this was my second time to spare my new year party outside of Palu. If I am not mistaken, I had been in Pare in the new year of 2014.

Hmmm, I have already stayed in Yogyakarta for a month for studying IELTS at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. I wish I could get 7 in the my second IELTS test held on March 18th 2017. Targetting 7 in IELTS is quite challenging for me. Yeah I do not want to say that It is difficult, but it is challenging. I should get 7 to pursue my master’s degree at the Ohio State University, USA, majoring STEM in Mathematics Education. Insya Allah I will study in August 2017. It takes long time, doesn’t it?

Yesterday, I was shocked since I got information that Awardee LPDP purposing study in UK, Australia, and USA cannot move to other universities in those countries. One’s must study to their first choice university, or might move to other countries which are Asia, or Erope (except UK), Canada, and New Zealand. Therefore, it is quite hard for me that I could not move to universities in USA. OMG, suddenly I felt weak. lol
But, I felt better after I got email from LPDP. Hehe, here:

Alhamdulillah, there is a way for me to reach America. I must go there!!! 🙂
I should try first. What I believe about trying is that there is a miracle from Allah SWT. I always remember it wherever and whenever I am.

To closing this curcol, I want to share 2 quotes of dr. Gamal Albinsaid

orang percaya diri itu bukan karena yakin dengan kapasitas / kemampuannya tapi karena yakin bahwa Allah bersamanya”

Close your eyes and go with it Take the risk, enjoy the failure Kawan, engkau tak bisa belajar rahasia kehidupan dan keberhasilan dari buku dan kata orang, tapi dari pahit getir mencoba! Mimpi itu murah, mendapatkannya mahal! Ide itu murah, merealisasikannya mahal! Kalau kamu tidak mengejar mimpimu, kamu akan dibayar orang untuk mengejar mimpi mereka. Jika tidak membangun mimpi sendiri, Anda akan menghabiskan waktu membangun mimpi orang lain. Jika mengejar mimpi kita dan mimpi orang lain sama-sama bekerja, sama-sama lelah, lalu kenapa tidak memilih untuk membangun mimpi kita sendiri.”

All in all, forgive me guys if I made many mistakes because as human being, I often made it. Please pray for me to get 7 in IELTS test. Aamiin 🙂

Sapen, Yogyakarta, 12 Januari 2017


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