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Don’t be shock when you see the title of this writing. Hehe…
I just announce that my facebook account is unactive again :p
If you have any something or problem with me that you want to disscuss, just send me msg to my email;

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Mimpi Ibu

Kau tahu sobat,
mimpi ibuku tak jauh hebat dengan mimpiku.
Sejak lama ibu punya cita2 tinggi.
Di setiap akhir shalatnya, ia tak luput berdoa agar impiannya segera terwujud.
Bahkan sering, tak segan2 ia berdoa di tengah kesibukannya mengenai mimpinya itu. Tatkala ia sedang menggoreng bakwan saat jualan di kantin. Tatkala ia sedang memotong2 sayur di dapur. Juga ketika ia melipat pakaian. Bakhan sering ketika ia sambil menyapu halaman rumah.

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Route Master: A Biography of the London Map

I wish I can go back there 😉

Adam Greenfield's Speedbird

I’m beyond honored to have had this piece — a love letter to London and its maps — commissioned for the launch issue of the revived Journal of the London Society. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. For the record, the impeccable choice of title was theirs.


I very much doubt that there is a city on the face of this Earth better mapped, over a longer period of time — nor more potently associated with the image of the map, as cultural and practical artifact — than London.

I’m sure some of the reason behind this stems from the need to assert administrative control, assess taxation and clarify property rights across a bewildering profusion of boroughs, wards, parishes, liberties, districts and councils. Part of it, certainly, arises from the way in which successive mobility technologies have allowed the city to…

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