Hurried, Puji!

I did communication with Mba Titi (consultant from swedia) via whats app last night. First, I just asked her, “Could me apply study S2 just use a graduating letter?”. A few hours later, she answered my WA, “Yes. Puji, are you ready to apply in the end of this year?” said Mba Titi.
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My TOEFL Classes

Since 3 week, I have been studying TOEFL in UPT Bahasa Tadulako University. I have been joining in two TOEFL classes. First, in Bidikmisi class, and second in the final semester student class. Classes joined by me were very interesting.  My insight was increase. I got new knowledge and new friends.

While I am writing on this blog, actually I am practicing grammar that I got before. But I do not know how work is it 😀 may be I make any mistake, but I do not know where mistake was happen. I just try. I just writing, writing, and writing more. I do not care about the mistake. BUT, you, readers, can give me advise for my writing. So, sometime I can do more better 🙂

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