Alhamdulillah Many Articles Have Published!

My Shirt

My Shirt

I Just wanna said that “Alhamdulillah since I have been reporting at Media Tadulako, I have so many articles or news now. Yeah since last year, I was a reporter at Media Tadulako newspaper. And I’am so happy there because I have the great team. They are very kind, friendly, and tidak sombong :-D

I felt so lucky when I joined in this part time job, because I have so many information about big events, the scholarship promotion, etc. Start from this, I also got new friends from other places. Cool! :-)

I hope someday I can be a good writer. Someday I can be a famous writer. The best, insya Allah…
Ehhmmm, really really want to be like Ahmad Fuadi or Andrea Hirata or Asma Nadia. Insya Allah someday I have a masterpiece. Aamiin yaa Rabb…
Insya Allah soon \^_^/ ;-) :-) :-)
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