Arghhhhhhhhhhh… Alhamdulillah I’ll graduate ^_*

Hai Guys, long time no see you. How do you do? I am doing very well now. Alhamdulillah. I’m saying alhamdulillah for everything to Allah SWT. Any good news this week is I will exam of skripsi on October 9th 2014. I wish that Allah will give easy way to my activities. second one good news is I am going to Pare on October 12th 2014. Actually, this is hard for me to choose the best one for my future. I’m confused when choosing either set off to pare of keep stay in Palu to fisnish my graduate day (Wisuda). But, I had chosen that I am going to Pare. It is fix. I do not have much time, poor me -_- I just have 3 months to study IELTS. I think that it is short time to get high score.

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My TOEFL Classes

Since 3 week, I have been studying TOEFL in UPT Bahasa Tadulako University. I have been joining in two TOEFL classes. First, in Bidikmisi class, and second in the final semester student class. Classes joined by me were very interesting.  My insight was increase. I got new knowledge and new friends.

While I am writing on this blog, actually I am practicing grammar that I got before. But I do not know how work is it 😀 may be I make any mistake, but I do not know where mistake was happen. I just try. I just writing, writing, and writing more. I do not care about the mistake. BUT, you, readers, can give me advise for my writing. So, sometime I can do more better 🙂

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